Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie


Lena Måndotter

+46 730380037
[email protected]

Korsavadsvägen 21
SE 27235 Simrishamn

Also online-sessions if not possible in person and sometimes available also in person in Zürich

Graduierte Analytikerin

Jungian psychoanalyst (Dipl. ISAP/Zürich)
Singer/Song-therapist (Dipl. RSA/London)

”I truly believe in the strength of the human soul, its amazing capacity to survive, navigate and transcend whatever wound and obstacle that has come its way while journeying towards divine freedom and the numinous joys of life.”

Born: 1959

Diploma in Analytical Psychology – ISAP, International School of Analytical Psychology Zürich
Diploma in Song/Voice- and Movement Therapy – Royal Society of Arts London
MA in Comparative Literature, Writing and Journalism, University of Lund and Skurups Folkhögskola Sweden
BodySoul Rhythms courses with Jungian analyst and writer Marion Woodman
5 Rhythms ritual dance with Gabrielle Roth, The Moving Centre New York
Performance-trainings for 30 years with many national and international teachers and groups. See website
Photography-, Film- and Painting-studies at Folkuniversitetet and Fridhems Folkhögskola Sweden
Theatre/Drama and Film, academic studies at the University of Lund

Professional Organizations
STIM – Swedish Composers/Musicians Association
Swedish Writers’ Association
Swedish Photographers’ Association

Languages Spoken

Age Groups

Treatment Types
Groups (for workshops/experiental seminars)

Jungian Song-therapy (the imaginal realm of psyche and sound)
Creativity: art, music, poetry and photography
Dreams and Visions
The Imaginal Realm (Henry Corbin: ”Mundus Imaginalis”)
Active Imagination via sound, song and painting
The Inner Creative Child – Developmental/Archetypal perspectives
Spirituality and Mysticism
Animal and Soul and Instinct

Lectures/Seminars/Courses/Workshops (inside and outside ISAP)
The Song of the Soul – Jungian Song-therapy
Creative Writing & Wild Painting
Dream as Guide and Messenger
The Way of the Shaman – The World of the Archaic Man
Animal & Soul & Instinct

Publications (non-fiction/fiction, poetry and prose)

”The Song of the Soul” (the imaginal realm of psyche and sound)
”Letter from the Seeress” (The Greek myth of the seeress Cassandra, written during many years living in a Cretan mountain village) In Swedish
”In my Greek Village” (impressions from living many years in a Cretan mountainvillage) In Swedish
”Asia – Mystery and Reality” (journeys in India, Ladakh, Nepal, Tibet and Burma) In Swedish
”Where All Angels Have Fallen” (on the pilgrim path around the sacred mountain Kailash in the Transhimalayas in Tibet) In Swedish
”Redeem This Dream” (a travel diary from Mexico and Guatemala) In Swedish

Music-Albums (released at Rootsy/Warner Music and Kameleont Production)
Prayers and Prophecies – Live at the Palladium
Live at the Cathedral
The Way to the Rose
Songs from the River
Songs of Leonard Cohen
Songs Inside the Ruins

Letters to a Young Singer (a mythical journey into the world of psyche, soul, sound and song, filmed in the mountains of Crete, Greece)