Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

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All times are Zurich, Switzerland time. Everybody is welcome to our public lectures and open seminars.

Zoom events - please note that on-site attendees will be given priority and consequently Zoom attendees may have limited or no interaction possibilities with the event presenter.

Attendance Fees (on-site or via Zoom):

  • General Public: CHF 30 per double hour
  • Students, Seniors, Disabled: CHF 20 per double hour
We also offer a Semester Taster Pass (STP), which is 6 double-hour lectures for the price of 4. This is limited to one per person.
  • General Public: CHF 120 for 6 double hours
  • Students, Seniors, Disabled: CHF 80 for 6 double hours
All payments can be made via our payments page or exact cash at the door if attending on-site.

IMPORTANT: The Zoom event payment deadline is one hour before the start of the event.

We invite you to give us feedback on our public events here.