Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

Prospective ISAP Participant Info

Thank you for your interest in joining our analyst community as an ISAP Participant. ISAPZURICH conducts continuing education and training in C.G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology under the auspice of its founder, AGAP (the Association of Graduates in Analytical Psychology). Membership in AGAP is required for analysts who participate as members of our regular faculty. AGAP is a founding member of the IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology).

If you are not currently a member of AGAP, please see their website for information about joining: You may request an AGAP membership application from [email protected].

If you are already an AGAP member, you will find the application for ISAP Participation at the link below. Additionally, you will find more information about Participant Admission and Training Status at the link below.

ISAP values and offers many opportunities for community participation. As an ISAP Participant, you become a voting member of our school, with a voice in our training policies, finances, and elections. Further, you may offer training analysis and supervision, teach in your special field, join a department, give or assist with exams, read and evaluate student’s written papers, serve on a committee, attend the exam conference each semester, as well as attend the biannual, celebratory semester opening events and graduation. For more information about these opportunities please write to the IC (ISAP Council) Vice-President, at [email protected].

ISAP's document and forms are being reworked. Using the links below you will find one of the following:

  • No download available. If you need this document or form, please contact the ISAP Front Office.
  • A download with the filename starting with OLD. This is an old version, probably with correct content, and soon to be replaced with a new version. Use with caution or contact the ISAP Front Office for guidance.
  • A download without OLD in the name. This document or form is current.
  • A link to a webpage. The webpage replaces an old document.
You can reach the ISAP Front Office at [email protected] or +41 (0)43 344 00 66.

Application to become ISAP Participant
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EN Application Participant 20211111 docx 0644 2021111104244511-Nov-2021 04:24 2021111103383011-Nov-2021 03:38 129 KB Preview Download
EN Application Participant 20211111 pdf 0644 2021111104244511-Nov-2021 04:24 2021111103384611-Nov-2021 03:38 214 KB Preview Download
OLD Bewerbung Teilnehmer ISAPZURICH 2019 pdf 0644 2020041505190815-Apr-2020 05:19 2020041505190815-Apr-2020 05:19 164 KB Preview Download

Participant Admissions and Promotion Criteria
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OLD ISAP Participant Admission Promotion Criteria 2017 e pdf 0644 2020041505190815-Apr-2020 05:19 2020041505190815-Apr-2020 05:19 373 KB Preview Download
OLD ISAP Participant Aufnahme Promotions Richtlinien 2017 d pdf 0644 2020041505190915-Apr-2020 05:19 2020041505190915-Apr-2020 05:19 413 KB Preview Download