Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

Exhibit of Paintings by ISAP Students & Apéro
April 2024


If you could forget
Who you think you are
You might catch up with
What you really are
And can’t see.

Vincent Ferrini, Selected Poems, 1976

The exhibited pictures were made by ISAP students using the method of Intuitive Painting. The painters let the brushes follow broad physical movements and create forms. In doing so, they try to let the 'needs' of the unfolding picture guide them. In this process, ego control decreases and unexpected compositions of shapes, colors and motifs can take place.
Some of the painters will be present and say a few words about their experience.
The pictures will be displayed at ISAPZURICH on the 1st floor 19 April to 28 September 2024.

Apéro to follow.

Date & Venue

Friday, 19 April 2024


Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zurich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof

Cost & Registration

Entry Gratis

For questions please contact
[email protected]


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