Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

International Program

Training may be pursued along two different paths, each of which leads to the Diploma in Analytical Psychology. Candidates commit to one path, but may apply to transfer from one to another, if they fulfil the respective conditions. The International Full-Resident (IFR) program is for candidates who intend to reside in Switzerland during the entire (minimum four year) training period. The International Part-Resident (IPR) program is for candidates who wish to reside in Switzerland for the first two years of training and there after intend to conduct supervised case-work in their home countries under their local jurisdiction.

International Full Resident Training Program

The International Full Resident Training Program leads professionally to being a Jungian Analyst with a diploma in Analytical Psychology.

Prerequisites include:

  • A Masters degree in any field
  • 50 hours of Jungian analysis
  • Minimum age of 26 years
  • Fluency in English or German
Duration of the program is 4 years (minimum); the semester begins each year in spring (end of February) and autumn (start of September) typically lasting 14 weeks, during which one can work part-time (up to 15 hours per week).

The curriculum includes:
  • 400 hours of theory
  • 300 hours of personal analysis
  • 80 hours of individual supervision
  • 60 sessions of group supervision
  • 3 months of clinical internship
  • 300 hours of work with clients
  • Written papers and exams
For full details please consult the Regulations International Diploma Program (link at bottom of page).

The estimated cost of four years of training in the International Full Residence (IFR) Diploma Program at ISAPZURICH is CHF 75,410 minus CHF 24,000 (estimated income from client work) = CHF 51,410.

A rough breakdown of the costs follows.
  • Application fee = CHF 150
  • 4 semesters as training candidate (4 x CHF 3,000) = CHF 12,000
  • 4 semesters as diploma candidate (4 x CHF 2,800) = CHF 11,200
  • Interviews with Admission committee = CHF 1,560
  • Fees for exams = CHF 3,300
  • Personal analysis (300 x approx. 130.-) = approx. CHF 35,000
  • 80 hours individual supervision (80 x approx. 130.-) = approx. CHF 10,400
  • 60 sessions group supervision (60 x approx. 30.-) = approx. CHF 1,800
Some loans, grants and scholarships are available in the second half of the training (more details on financial support here). It is allowed with the Student Visa D to be gainfully employed between semesters, as well as up to 15 hours per week during the semester.

The costs above are as of Autumn Semester 2020. Our current semester fees can be found here.

Below is a graphical timeline of the International Full Resident requirements.

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International Part Resident Training Program

For cost details of the International Part Resident (IPR) Diploma Program, in which Training Candidacy (the first two years of training) are spent in Zurich and Diploma Candidacy (the second half of the program) are spent primarily at home with once-a-semester/partial presence in Zurich, please see the Regulations International Diploma Program below (link at bottom of page) for the variance in requirements.

Below is a graphical timeline of the International Part Resident requirements.

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To apply to train at ISAP, or for other documents and information, please see the Forms and Downloads page in the Prospective Student section.

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