International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

10 Psychopathology & Psychiatry


Basic literature


C.G. Jung

CW 1

Psychiatric Studies. JCE1

CW 3

The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease. JCE3 — Required reading for the CH program

CW 7

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology. JCE7 — Required reading for the CH program

CW 8

The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche. JCE8 — Required reading for the CH program

“On Psychic Energy”

“The Transcendent Function”

“A Review of the Complex Theory”

“Psychological Factors Determining Human Behaviour”

“The Structure of the Psyche”

“On the Nature of the Psyche”

“Analytical Psychology and Weltanschauung”

“The Real and the Surreal”

“The Stage of Life”

“The Soul and Death”

CW 16

The Practice of Psychotherapy. JCE16 — Required reading for the CH program

“Principle of Practical Psychotherapy”

“What is Psychotherapy?”

“Some Aspects of Modern Psychotherapy”

“The Aims of Psychotherapy”

CW 18

The Symbolic Life. JCE18

“Tavistock Lectures”


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