International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

Matriculated Auditor as Start to Training

In order to help facilitate the application process for training to become a Jungian Analyst, you can register as a Matriculated Auditor while applying to the full diploma program. The advantages include:

  • You are registered as a full-time student while going through the interview process in Zurich with the Admissions Committee and can attend all lectures and open seminars, as well as seminars designated for ISAP Students (see Student Semester Program)
  • Should you transfer into the Training Program and be accepted as a Training Candidate, you may request the Admission Committee to credit analytic hours as well as courses attended and attested to during one semester as MA toward diploma requirements.
  • International Students with Matriculated Auditor status are eligible for a visa, which provides a residence permit in Switzerland and permission to seek employment in between semesters (see Prospective Student Info)
  • If you are not accepted into the Training Program your semester of study can still count toward fulfilling the requirements for the Certificate in Fundamentals of Analytical Psychology, ISAP’s Continuing Education program (see Matriculated Auditor as Continuing Education/Certificate Program)
As a Matriculated Auditor, in the application process to train, you will have an extraordinary opportunity. The only full-time Jungian training in the world (requiring residence in Zurich), ISAP offers the opportunity to sink into the genius loci of the city; to join an international community of seekers and scholars; to be stimulated and challenged by a wide array of renowned Swiss and international analysts and researchers; to be mentored and trained by Zurich-trained analysts; to be steeped in the unconscious; and to have a once-in-a-life time transformational experience. Adhering to the original concept of analytic training as set down by Jung and his early colleagues, ISAPZURICH offers a rich variety of lectures and seminars during two 14-week semesters each year.

Students coming from more than 20 different countries contribute to our institute’s international flare and cultural exchange. Likewise our faculty is composed of internationally active Jungian analysts and guest lecturers who bring expertise from other fields. Regular courses at ISAPZURICH are held in English and German, while training analysis and supervision are available in a number of other languages.

For more details and all necessary forms and documents, please see the Prospective Students Forms and Downloads page.
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