International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

I began my intensive study of Jungian psychology in 1989 when I was still in the middle of my career as research scientist in Nutrition and Metabolism. At that point, I was still passionate about biochemistry and physiology – and our bodies' miraculous metabolic and regulatory processes – but the actual day to day activities were no longer compelling. During a hiatus from work, a life-changing insight came to me.

My fascination with Jungian psychology had led me to attend the film series, “The Way of the Dream.” While watching, I became so excited by the practical power of von Franz’s dream interpretations that I was nearly jumping out of my seat. Then, alone in the theater between showings, I suddenly had a flash of insight: “I want to become a Jungian analyst!” In other words, I wanted to learn to work with dreams and psyche so I could help people in this most practical and effective way.

To re-train from biochemistry to psychology was a long road but in 2004 I was certified by the IAAP (Individual Route) and for 26 years now I have a private practice providing psychotherapy, couple’s counseling and Jungian analysis. I’ve also been giving lectures and creating Jungian educational programs, which next to analytic work with individuals is a great passion: bringing Jung to life for people, no matter their level of experience.

I continue to study all aspects of analytical psychology as well as keep track of new developments in neuroscience and psychodynamics. With my background in physiology, it’s natural for me to want to understand the interconnection between psyche and soma.

My orientation can be called ‘classical Jungian’ and I bring to my analytic work a broad range of life and work experiences that include teen-age fashion model in NYC and Europe, waitress, long term student, teacher, research scientist, hospital administrator, professional editor and translator (Dutch to English) and eventually Jungian analyst and doctor of clinical psychology.

My home office is in the Netherlands and I take appointments and teach on-line internationally. I can also meet in person during my stays in Zürich and the US.


  • Psy.D., 2005, Clinical Psychology, Southern California University for Professional Studies, high honors
  • IAAP certification as Analytical Psychologist, Individual Route, 2004
  • Ph.D., 1982, Nutritional Biochemistry, University of California Berkeley, honors
  • B.S., 1977, Nutrition Sciences, University of Michigan, honors
Professional Organizations
  • Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA)
  • Association of Graduates in Analytical Psychology (AGAP)
  • International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP)
  • The International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP)
Special Interests and Lecture Topics
  • The Word Association Experiment
  • The Physiology and Neuroscience of Complexes
  • Structure of the Psyche - Fundamentals
  • Interpretation of Fairy Tales
  • Dream Interpretation with Case Studies
  • Cultural Complexes and Unconscious Narratives in Modern Society
  • Trauma: Latest Developments – in both neuroscience and psychodynamics
  • Clinical Applications of Alchemy: The Anatomy of the Psyche (E. Edinger)
  • Archetypes in Biochemistry: Psyche - Soma Inter-relationships
Public Programs: Lectures and Experiential Workshops
  • CG Jung Weekend Intensives: Fairy Tales for Modern Times
  • Militant Nationalism: Has Our Cultural Puer Aeternus Complex Turned Violent?
  • Our Neurological Empathy Function and Learning to Set Healthy Boundaries
  • CG Jung Basics for Psychologists
  • Living Jung: Experiential 9 Month Workshop Series
  • Working With the Unconscious Lecture Series: Active Imagination, The Creative Unconscious, Alchemical Processes in Creativity
Current Publications

“Coronavirus: does its activation of archetypes of evil cause added psychological suffering?”
Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2021, 66, 3, 561–582

“A Study of Spontaneous Narrative Formation: Coronavirus and Narratives of Doom”
Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research
Volume 36, 2023 - Issue 1: Special Issue: Narratives in Times of Radical Transformation