International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich


Maria Grazia Calzà, M.A., Dr. phil.

+39 348 858 21 90
[email protected]

Via L. Miorelli, 8
38066 Riva del Garda (TN)

Graduate Analyst

Born 1961 she grew up among the olive trees of Northern Italy. After a diploma in art restoration in Venice, she moved to Germany and continued her studies at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg receiving a MA and later a PhD in medieval history, theology, and psychology. She devotes her research to medieval women’s mysticism and to symbolic and religious dimensions of the ancient and modern times. She works at the Lake Garda as a philosophical/existential counselor and a Jungian analyst.

Diploma in Analytical Psychology, 2017, ISAP, Zürich (CH)
Dr. Phil., 1999, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg in Br. (D)
M.A., 1993, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg in Br. (D)
Diploma in Art Conservation and Restoration, 1986, Università Internazionale dell’Arte (UIA), Venice (I)

Professional Organizations
Association for Research and Education in Analytical Psychology and Body

Languages Spoken
Italian, German, English

Age Groups

Treatment Types

Psychology and Religion, Women’s Mysticism, Spirituality, Mythology, Dreams

Lectures and Publications
Dem Weiblichen ist das Verstehen des Göttlichen „auf dem Leib“ geschrieben. Die Begine Maria von Oignies (†1213) in der hagiographischen Darstellung Jakobs von Vitry (†1240), Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, 2000.

The Thinking Heart. The Individuation Process in Late Medieval Mystic Women, in: Jung Journal. Culture & Psyche, 10:3, 3–14, 2016.
Locus di trascendenza — il paesaggio “psicosomatico” nella santità femminile. Maria d’Oignies, Cristo e il beghinaggio, in: AA.VV., Agathodaimon. Saggi di Psicologia Analitica. A Dieter Baumann nel suo 75° Compleanno, Milano: Vivarium, 2002.

2016, Zürich: A Special Case: Women’s Mysticism in the Christian Middle Ages. Murray Stein’s Open Seminar “An Introduction to the Psychology of Mystical Experience”, ISAP.

2014, Roma: La crisi nella/della nostra spiritualità. Convegno Nazionale (9–11 maggio): Civiltà in transizione. Il ruolo della psicologia analitica in un’epoca di crisi.

2005, Zürich: Das Denken des Herzens. Individuationsprozess des Weiblichen im Mittelalter. Die Mystikerinnen. Psychologischer Club Zürich.

2002, Valencia: Verbum caro factum est: Somatofania o l’intensità della religiosità femminile. Riflessioni sul femminile — e non solo. Asociation de Psicologia Analitica (Reuniones de Verano)

2001, Torino: Locus di trascendenzail paesaggio “psicosomatico” nella santità femminile. Maria d’Oignies, Cristo e il beghinaggio. IX International Seminar «Narrative Studies»: Il dialogo con il paesaggio. Università degli Studi di Torino: Dipartimento di Psicologia.