International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich

I am Hanna Marti, an analyst in training. I work in Basel, just a short walk from the train station Basel SBB, and in Zurich.

Psychodynamics describes the workings of inner psychic forces. In addition to the outer physical space, there is an inner space in which psychological processes take place that react to external and internal events and influences. In psychoanalysis, we work with this inner space, perceive its various dynamics, discover psychic parts, integrate them and relate them to the outer space. This process connects you with your whole personality and enables you to understand your situation better and to shape your life more consciously in your personal sense.

In addition to the usual methods of talk therapy, I work with dreams, imagination and intuitive-creative means of expression (e.g. painting, drawing, music). As a trained musician and singer, I incorporate breathing exercises and bodywork where necessary to help you find the necessary calm and grounding for the analytical work.

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