International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich


Maria Anna Bernasconi, lic.phil

+41 79 521 22 21
[email protected]

Wetzikerstrasse 15
8344 Bäretswil

Training/Supervising Analyst
Swiss Certified Psychotherapist

Born in 1951, first profession: handicraft teacher, then studies in clinical psychology, psychopathology and art history, completed in 1987. She worked as a working and occupational therapist with psychiatric patients. Trained as a Jungian Analyst at the C. G. Jung-Institute in Zürich-Küsnacht diploma 2004. She acquired various psychotherapeutic techniques, among them Freudian Psychoanalysis. For 17 years she studied Active imagination in a group with Franz-Xaver Jans-Scheidegger. She is a training and supervision analyst at ISAP. From 2004 she did additional studies in intermodal expressive art therapy at ISIS Switzerland and at the EGS in Saas Fee, so she is also on the list of analysts for expressive therapy of ISAP.

As a psychotherapist she has a licence to practise in the Canton of Zurich and is a psychotherapist accredited by the Swiss federation. She works as a delegated psychotherapist together with a psychiatrist and has very much experience with psychiatric patients, psychosomatic patients and welfare recipients. Among her clients there are always also a few people in spiritual crisis.

She is a contemplation tutor at Via Cordis (general management by Franz Xaver Jans-Scheidegger, Jungian Training Analyst), and has been studying for many years about Vipassana meditation (MBSR, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach) and Christian contemplation (F.X. Jans-Scheidegger, Via Cordis).

Her interests include the legends of the alps, ethnology, feminist spirituality, prehistory, European mysticism and the arts: poetry, visual art, music, theatre, dance. Besides working as a psychotherapist she works as an artist (visual art, poetry). She teaches all these topics at ISAP as well as in other countries and at international conferences.

Diploma as Jungian Analyst 2004, C.G. Jung-Institute Zürich-Küsnacht
Lic. phil. I Psychology 1987, University of Zürich
Diploma as handicraft teacher 1975

Professional Organizations

Languages Spoken

Age Groups

Treatment Types

Art Therapy
Sand Tray
Music Therapy
Fairy Tales
Dream Interpretation
Poetry therapy
Techniques from the MBSR-Program, little units of meditation and techniques for relaxation

Lectures and Publications
Articles in English:
The Fountain of Memories – Buried and Uncovered: Spring Journal: Spring Vol. Symbolic Life 2009

Giving a Hand to the Dead: A Legend of the Dead from Wallis: Spring Vol 86: Unwrapping Swiss Culture 2011

In German:
Die hungrige Laui
In: Bergwelt in Märchen, Sagen und Geschichten, Veröffentlichungen der Europäischen Märchengesellschaft Band 38

Jungian Conference at ETH Zürich 2008:
The Hungry Brook
Images of Saints

I. European Conference Vilnius 2009: Fountain of Memories

Art & Psyche Conference Sicily 2015:
Ruins and Leftovers as Precious Relics – Carefully Embedded in Works of Art followed by a publication in Italian in Enkelados

International Conference in Kyoto 2016:
The Anima Mundi emerging in a Contemporaneous Artwork
Published in the Conference report

Art & Psyche Conference 2019:
Orphan Girl in Bandages