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Swiss Program / CH-Program

The CH-Diploma Program is conducted under the responsibility of the Association Swiss Psychotherapists (ASP) and is accredited as a postgraduate training by the Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI). It leads to the federal postgraduate title in psychotherapy.

The CH-Program addresses students who wish to acquire the federal postgraduate title in psychotherapy in order to be able to work independently in Switzerland. It fulfills the federal criteria for accreditation. ISAPZURICH has chosen the ASP as the responsible organization. The ASP is therefore responsible for the entire content, quality and procedure of the postgraduate training. Accordingly, the ASP has insight into the implementation of the CH-Program at ISAPZURICH and checks compliance with the quality standards specified by the federal institutions.

For complete details please see the documents found at the bottom of this page.

The successful completion leads to the federal postgraduate title in psychotherapy (art. 8 PsyG) and entitles the use of the professional title of “Eidg. anerkannte/r Psychotherapeut/in” (art. 6 PsyV).

This training lasts 4 years (minimum) and requires a Master degree in clinical psychology or psychology with a minor in psychopathology, as well as 50 hours of Jungian analysis, a minimum age of 26, and fluency in German and English.

The curriculum requires 500 hours theory, 200 hours personal analysis, 80 hours individual supervision, 70 sessions group supervision, 2 years clinical internship, 500 hrs work with client and written papers and exams. For more details please consult the CH-Diploma Program Regulations 2020.

The estimated cost of four years of training in the CH-Diploma Program at ISAPZURICH is CHF 60,710 minus CHF 35,000 (estimated income from client work) = 25,710.

A rough breakdown of the costs follows.

Application fee = CHF 150
4 semesters as training candidate (4 x CHF 3,000) = CHF 12,000
4 semesters as diploma candidate (4 x CHF 2,800) = CHF 11,200
A semester lasts about 3 months (13–14 weeks)

Interviews with Admission committee = CHF 1,560
Fees for exams = CHF 3,300

Personal analysis (200 x approx. 130.-) = approx. CHF 20,000
80 hrs individual supervision (80 x approx. 130.-) = approx. CHF 10,400
70 sessions group supervision (70 x approx. 30.-) = approx. CHF 2,100

Some loans, grants and scholarships are available in the second half of the training.
In addition, CH Program students earn more depending on their 2 years’ clinical internship. If required, the Student Visa D to be gainfully employed between semesters, as well as up to 15 hrs per week during the semester.

The costs above are as of Autumn Semester 2020. Our current semester fees can be found here.

Below is a graphical timeline of the CH-Program requirements.


To apply to train at ISAP, or for other documents and information, please see the Forms and Downloads page in the Prospective Student section.

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Richtlinien zur Supervidierten Fallarbeit (CH-Programm)
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