Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

ISAP 20th Anniversary – October 2024
Tending to the World Soul


We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary! Analysts, students, alumni, staff, consultants, and guests will fill the ISAP building to attend our special event lectures and seminars, and the evening celebration.

We will be exploring the theme of our relationship to the world soul and reflect on what we as analysts have learned about the restorative order of the Self as a way of tending to the world soul. We hope that our work on the subject will shed light on the meaning of our anxieties, especially in relation to the current world crisis with its political strife, wars, epidemics, and ecological crisis. We will focus on some of the burning questions of our times as seen through the lens of the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious, both on the personal and collective levels.

We look forward to seeing many of you. This event is free of charge for ISAP students, participants, staff, consultants, alumni, and guests. A special package of six Zoom lectures is available for the public for 150 CHF.

In addition you are invited to attend a visit to the C.G. Jung Museum in Gommiswald. The C.G. Jung Museum in Gommiswald is an important forum of Jung's psychology of national and international importance. At the center of the exhibition is the "soul"—in psychological language the "objective psyche"—and its multiple manifestations. The nature and effect of the human psyche are illustrated by symbolic material, which has a close relationship to the process of individuation. A special feature is that the majority of the exhibits are unpublished originals. Well-known materials—e.g. published, individual dream pictures or entire dream picture series—are also thematically embedded in the exhibition concept. The majority of the exhibits are originals from the comprehensive cultural heritage of analytical psychology.

ISAP Attendees must register for the excursion and all lectures and seminars using the button at the bottom of this page. The deadline for registration is 17 October 2024.

Date & Venue

25–27 October 2024


Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof

Event Schedule

Friday, 25 October


Andrew Fellows, PhD
Lecture | Anima Mundi's "Three Rs": Receptivity, Resonance and Reciprocity
I will examine our relationship with the World Soul from multiple perspectives, including Jungian, Indigenous, Eastern, theoretical and not least experiential. My aim is to offer a glimpse of hope and healing in this vital context at a particularly dark, dangerous and dysfunctional juncture in our relationships with one another and with the other-than-human world.


Regine Schweizer-Vüllers, PhD
Lecture |
Anima Mundi – Mercurius in Alchemy and in Modern Art
In Jungian psychology, individuation and human relationships belong together. In this lecture, I study one of the glass windows in Zurich's Grossmünster created by the modern German artist Sigmar Polke. He called it "Son of Man," thus indicating that the figure is a cosmic divine being. The window, however, shows pairs of human silhouettes facing each other. Obviously, the artist wanted to show human relationships. This corresponds to the alchemists' idea of Mercurius as Anima Mundi. The lecture will focus on the cosmic aspect of Polke's depiction, that is, on the archetype of the Anthropos as it is constellated in our time.


Simple Lunch (provided)


Joanne Wieland-Burston, PhD
Lecture | Tending to the World Soul from a Jewish Perspective

Although the concept of the world soul does not belong to traditional Judaism, it is quite central to the mystic tradition of the Kabbalah. Nature – its maintenance and protection – however, also plays a central role in the religion, as we shall see in festivals such as the new year of the trees and the harvest festival celebrated under the open sky. Furthermore, "tikkun olam", the regeneration of the world, concerns itself with the betterment of the world, caring for nature and humanity.


Dale Mathers, M.B., B.S.
Lecture | Depth Psychology and Climate Change

Climate change is inevitable, and this causes serious psychological problems. A negative response uses the primitive defences of the Self, splitting, denial and projective identification. Our minds, like the world, are a time-bound complex emergent system, so our relationship with time is crucial. We live in it yet are not 'of it'. A positive response to the problem uses the Unus Mundus — the world soul, engaging with change through dreams and active imagination, which I will discuss.


Panel Discussion | Tending to the World Soul
Dariane Pictet, Ad. Dip. Ex. Psych (moderator)
Diane Cousineau-Brutsche
Brigitte Egger
John Hill
Ursula Wirtz



Saturday, 26 October


Eleonóra Babejová, PhD
Lecture | Nourishing Love as a Way of Caring for
Anima Mundi
Many of the clients I work with are deeply concerned about the state of our world. They are asking whether it is still possible to believe in love, and whether it is moral to feel joy in the face of so much suffering. Grounding ourselves in love – as an eternal source accessible to all – can offer a way out of this dilemma. We all belong to the fabric of Anima Mundi. By tending to our own souls, we can find deeper roots in love and in this way tend to the world soul. I will provide examples from my work with clients in order to illustrate this idea.


Ursula Wirtz, Dr. phil
Lecture | From Knowledge to Wisdom: A Paradigm Shift.
Retrieving our Lost Connection to the World Soul.

I critique the prevailing scientism of our times, which adopts a narrow, materialistic view of humanity, reducing reality solely to the measurable and calculable. This approach shuts itself off from alternative avenues of acquiring knowledge. My appeal is for a shift in consciousness towards a more holistic approach, embracing a form of knowledge centered around inner, spiritual experiences which foster a connection with the world soul.


Simple Lunch (provided)

Seminars (choose one, registration required)
Seminars are on-site only and not open to the public.


Dale Mathers, M.B., B.S.
Seminar (S1) | The Dreaming Mind and the Unus Mundus
Jung said dreams are symbolic communications from the Self, compensating for the conscious attitude. These come from the collective unconscious, our deepest source, and where the Unus Mundus—the world soul—speaks; seen in Wolfgang Pauli's 'dream of the world clock,' which developed his thinking about atoms. Our minds form symbols using the executive network, the salience network, and the default mode network. Dreams develop empathy, memory, and creativity – and connect us to our planet's spiritual life by the transcendent function.

Lucienne Marguerat, lic. phil. &
Kathrin Schaeppi, MS, MFA
Seminar (S3) | The World Soul in Pictures

Images created by clients during their analytic processes can express an intuition, and resonate with a state of the world or with a reality far beyond the ego, thus connecting the client to humankind and nature. We will contemplate such images and discuss our various responses to them.

Robert Ingram, MA
Seminar (Library) | A Musical Tending to the World Soul in this Time of World Crises

The use of music as a way to reconnect with the World Soul, to restore contact with the depths of soul. How music, as a living presence or resonance, assists in our experience of what it means to be connected to 'the whole of all things.' An exploration of what it means to be open to ourselves and our world through "deep listening". How does music, bypassing ideas and everything phenomenal, contains the world from its deepest interior, beyond words or concepts, where tones are meaningful in and of themselves? Are we in need of a deeper musicality, attuned to the vibrant sway of 'Anima Mundi?'


Group Discussion | Our Analytical Work in Times of Crisis
Lucienne Marguerat lic. phil. (moderator)

1. How do the crises of our times manifest in our clients' analytic processes?
2. What does the relationship to the world soul mean for us in our analytical work?
3. In what manner is seeking the restorative order of the Self a way to tend to the world soul? Do we see this in our work? If so, how?
The Group Discussion is on-site only and open only to ISAP Participants and invited guests who are Jungian analysts.


Alumni Gathering
(details to be announced)

Sunday, 27 October

Excursion: Visit to C.G. Jung Museum in Gommiswald
Excursion Coordinator: Lucienne Marguerat

Sunday, 27 October, 9:15–14:35


Visit to C.G. Jung Museum in Gommiswald
Limited to 24 people

Fee for excursion:
- CHF 30.- per person for tour
- Round trip train travel to / from Gommiswald not included

Train from Zurich main train station is approximately 1 hour plus 5 minute walk to the venue. Round trip cost CHF 29 with half tax, CHF58 without.

Meet at the Zurich main train station meeting point (Treffpunkt), under the big clock at 9:15. We will return to the Zurich main train station at 14:35.

Registration required (use registration button below). Registration priority is given to the ISAP community until 20 September 2024. Open to the public thereafter.

For questions please contact [email protected]

Cost & Registration

This event is available on-site gratis for ISAP analysts, students, alumni, staff, and consultants.

ISAP Attendees must register for the excursion and all lectures and seminars using the button below. The deadline for registration is 17 October 2024.

The public may attend the lectures on Zoom only for CHF 150.

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