Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

Spring Semester Interlude - May 2021


The Interlude offers a space between the closing of the Spring Semester and the start of the Jungian Odyssey. A special time for Odyssey guests to experience time at ISAP in Zurich before leaving for Zermatt.

All Interlude lectures will be broadcast live on Zoom. See our Zoom Lectures page for details.

Date & Venue

26–28 May 2021

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Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof

Event Schedule

Wednesday, 26 May


This course will take place on Zoom ONLY. All students must be on Zoom. This event is NOT at ISAP. Please see our page on
Zoom Lectures for details on how to attend.

Dariane Pictet, Ad. Dip. Ex. Psych
Balancing your Checkbook: Spirituality and Money
This lecture will explore the psychology of money, approaching it as symbol, psychic energy, complex, Shadow. What does it mean to be broke or wealthy and how does money manifest in the clinical setting? We will also look at soul and money as a sacred dance and examine how we engage with wealth management in a material world.


Excursion: ANIMA MUNDI gallery / bookstore
and C.G. Jung Museum Gommiswald
Excursion leader: Peter Luginbühl, lic.phil.
Registration required by 10 May, 2021 - email [email protected]
Meet at 13:10 at Zürich HB meeting point with:
• train ticket to Gommiswald
• CHF 10 in cash for the guided tour

Thursday, 27 May


Peter Ammann, Dr. phil.
Rock Art and the Origin of Consciousness: How Rock Paintings Reflect the Emergence of Humans as a “Symbolic Species”


Lisa Holland, MS
Guilt, Shame and Shamelessness: In Analysis and Beyond
We will explore guilt and its importance to individuation, distinguish between guilt and shame, and examine the phenomenon of shamelessness through Jung’s writings, symbolic and clinical material and the current social and political milieu.


Francisco Garcia, MEd
The Meaning of Suffering
Sufferers want to know why they suffer, and this search for meaning is often the beginning of spiritual or psychological awakening.

Friday, 28 May


Peter Ammann, Dr. phil.
Rock Art and Psyche: Rock paintings, Hunting and the Emergence of Directed Consciousness


Maria Grazia Calzà, PhD
Over-Flowing: Women’s Mysticism and Imagination
To Jung our imagination is the door to divinity: it serves as a symbolic intermediary allowing for the imaging of the imageless divine. Images allow mystics to stand in relationship to the transcendent. The numinous images of this “Imaginative Presence” over-flowed medieval mystic women’s consciousness and transmuted it in a substantive way that was grounded in the body. They envisioned Jesus as an “incarnational form” of divinity (Self) that was feminine in nature. He was seen as a “continuum with” rather than as an “opposition to” their ordinary feminine experience of embodiment.


Graduation & Apéro

Cost & Registration

General Entry: CHF 160
Students, Seniors, Disabled: CHF 110
ISAP Students and Analysts: Gratis
Semester Taster Pass Not Valid

Registration and Payment Required by 25 May, 2021
Please send email to [email protected] to register

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