Internationales Seminar für Analytische Psychologie

A Celebration of the Gift of David Blum's Paintings


Madonna of the Grotto (1995)

In spring of 2024 Sarah Blum donated a sequence of 43 oil-based crayon paintings—her late husband David Blum’s psychological legacy—to ISAPZURICH. This illuminating series is this autodidactic painter’s self-explorative journey, his individuation process, as he grapples with cancer. Through his dreams he meets his inner guide, a Wise Old Dog, his own inner wisdom, that supports and comforts him on his ultimate transformative journey.


The Golden Eagle (1987)

In David’s own words,
“At a time of crisis or challenging life transition, any powerful image that arises spontaneously from within oneself—in whatever from—brings with it a creative potential”

“…I am guided by The Wise Old Dog towards a full understanding and inner acceptance of the healing process whose goal, in the end, is not confined to getting well physically.”

David Blum (1935–1998) was an extraordinary conductor and writer on classical music. He founded the Esterhazy Orchestra in New York, giving groundbreaking tours throughout the U.S. and Canada. Here a quote by his friend, Yo-Yo Ma:

“The unique painting David Blum created throughout his life, and increasing during his battle with cancer, are a window into his spiritual journey. The Wise Old Dog, who came to David in dreams, was his guide and comfort. Through these images and David’s insightful commentary, we are reminded of the resilience of the human spirit, the power of art to help us understand life, and the role creativity can play in healing and transcendence.”


The Sacred Marriage (1997)

To receive David’s psychological legacy is a great treasure and enriches the young, yet growing collection of pictures at ISAPZURICH. The pictures have undergone a journey themselves. With devotion they were bequeathed, with care packed into bins and carefully loaded into a climate-controlled truck that made its way to a Boston storage, where the Collection was then repacked into crates before taking flight for Zurich to find a new home in the ISAP Library.

Read and hear more about this remarkable journey:

Blum, David. (2020). Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: A Bridge to the Transformative Power of Dreams”, Asheville, N.C. Chiron Publications.

Blum, David. (1998). “Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis”;

To learn more about the ISAP Picture Collection please click here

Date & Venue

15 November 2024


Stampfenbachstr. 115, 8006 Zürich
Tram 11 or 14 to Beckenhof

Event Schedule

Friday 15 November


Deborah Egger, MSW
What the Blum Collection means to ISAP

Murray Stein, PhD
“My Appointment with David Blum"

Sarah Blum (video)
The Soul of David Blum

Peter Ammann, Dr. phil.
A Bond of Music - My Friendship with David and Sarah Blum

Lucienne Marguerat, lic. phil. &
Penelope Yungblut, MA

The Healing Power of Images: "A Miracle has Taken Place”

Kathrin Schaeppi, MS, MFA
Why Do We Collect Pictures?

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Apéro & Exhibition on “Appointment with the Wise Old Dog”

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ISAP students receive credit for attending the lectures, which is course 04 60.

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